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Dec 14, 2023

Alentejo Regenerative Tree Planting Experience

We invite you for a one-off special Secret Tab experience, taking you from Lisbon’s streets into the soil of Alentejo’s cork forest, and back again in a day.

We are offering a tree planting experience with renowned regenerative expert Maurício Umann, to come and join him on the Idyll Project, near Grandola (1 hour 15 min drive from Lisbon - travel included). 

There you’ll learn about water harvesting, the interrelationship between soil, water, plants and insects, and ways to re-accelerate their flourishing. You’ll team together to plant trees from 90 different species of trees and 108 different shrubs, comprehending how these plants work together in a system to regenerate their environment and create a sustainable food forest.

You’ll also have the chance to choose and plant your own personal tree, labeled physically and digitally, which you can come visit as the Idyll Project develops into an eco-tourism resort and experience center.

There’ll be a traditional Alentejo barbecue and gallons of country red wine to celebrate the day’s achievements and learnings.

For the team at Idyll this is about planting a forest of friends as well as one of trees…
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Address - Monte Vale Telheiros, 7570-777 Santa Margarida da Serra